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Brow Tech Shaping Powder


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Ultra-voluminous power brows are dominating runways. It's time to shape up. Over plucked brows? We've all been there. Piercings that left sparse patches? Forgiven. Don't let your past hold you back from runway-ready arches. Shape up and add volume to even the skimpiest brows with Brow Tech Shaping Powder. Ultra-fine loose powder mimics hair to fill in sparse patches, create realistic volume and add lift. Dial up the intensity from naturally well-defined to power brow bold, so you can finally have the brows of your dreams. Why It's Unique: Smashbox loves the defining power of pencils, pomades and gels, but some brows call for more coverage. Enter Brow Tech Shaping Powder - Smashbox's first-of-its-kind volumizing powder that lets you build your ultimate brow look and create the ultra-bold brows seen on runways and red carpets. It's all about looking good for close-up photographs at Smashbox Studios, so they know how important it is to nail a natural look. Their specially designed, targeted applicator mimics the appearance of natural hairs, so it's easy to avoid that dreaded stenciled-on look. Plus, it's proven to last all day - so your brows aren't going anywhere until you say so. How's that for arch support? Benefits: Long-wearing formula for all-day endurance Buildable coverage to take your brows from understated to exaggerated in a flash Unique precision applicator mimics natural hair growth "I look at eyebrows first because the right brows frame the face and can make you look years younger. They really change the face." - Davis Factor, Photographer and Founder Formulated without parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates, oil, fragrance and talc. Click here to find your perfect brow pencil!

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