GLO Pop 10 Day Teeth Whitening Treatment


GLO Pop 10 Day Teeth Whitening Treatment


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What it is:
A 10-day teeth whitening treatment to erase stains, whiten teeth, and freshen breath—with no strips, no trays, no mess, and no sensitivity.

If you want to know more…
It’s the fastest and easiest way to whiten. No strips, no trays, no mess, no sensitivity—just brush on and go. GLO Pop whitens teeth safely and without sensitivity and is easy to use. GLO whitening gel is applied directly to the teeth with the GLO Vial applicator brush, and stays put where you place it. With each application, the whitening gel penetrates, lifting off stains and whitening teeth. Clinically proven and patented, the formulation is mint flavored and can be used all year long to keep teeth white.

This set contains:
- 10 x 0.074 oz/ 2.2 mL GLO Pop Whitening Gel G-Vials
- 0.3 oz/ 8.87 mL GLO Natural Moisturizing Lip Treatment

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates

What else you need to know:
This product is also free of carbamide peroxide, and is vegan, safe for people with penicillin allergy, and formulated without gluten, soy, nuts, latex, or alcohol.

GLO Vials are hermetically sealed, ensuring fresh, potent gel for every application. Once opened, use within seven days. Can be stored at room temperature. GLO Vials are dentist-approved for crowns, bridges, and veneers. They will restore them to their original color.

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