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NuMe Octowand brings you the largest assortment of tourmaline infused ceramic barrels for a full spectrum of curling options. Allow each wand to penetrate hair with negative ions to give new life to lack luster hair. Shirley temple up your tendrils for locks that rock with the 1/2" NuMe's smallest curing wand. The 3/4" boosts smaller curls with big volume that is amazing for most hair lengths. Move up the curling ladder to the 1" NuMe's most popular sized wand. Fill your hairstyle with the perfect curl diameter every time. Get long lasting loose waves with the 1 1/4" for a soft romantic look. Shape up your curls with four wild looking wands to contour hair into all kinds of style. Start small and get big with the Mini Reverse for massive mermaid waves. Turn curls upside down with the Reverse which descends from 1" down to 3/4" for the perfect way to make waves. The Octowand throws in a large reverse for an unassuming flowing steam of curls that are unlike any other. If you're going for unpredictable organic looking curls, the Pearl is the wand for you. This technology driven power styler heats up to 450 degrees F in mere seconds with a MCH heater to enhance your capacity for negative ions. The LCD screen and control settings always keep you on point with where you want to be. Use your premium heat resistant glove for protecting those precious fingers and the wrapping pouch to keep your barrels secure. Octowand includes: 13mm barrel for spiral curls 19mm barrel for tight ringlets 25mm barrel for glam curls 32mm barrel for loose waves Pearl barrel for bouncy waves Reverse barrel for ringlets to soft curls 19mm cone for tight ringlets to spiral curls 25mm cone for glam curls to tight ringlets 8-in-1 interchangeable barrel base Heat-resistant glove Travel/carry case

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