Sonicsmooth Sonic Dermaplaning & Exfoliation System


Sonicsmooth Sonic Dermaplaning & Exfoliation System


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The Michael Todd Beauty Sonicsmooth Sonic Dermaplaning System is an award-winning device, recognized as 2018 Allure Readers' Choice Award -Best Innovation in Skincare Tools and 2018 Yahoo Lifestyle Diversity in Beauty Awards. The Sonicsmooth is a 2-in-1 exfoliation and hair removal device that provides instant results without any pain or downtime. Sonicsmooth is an at-home, spa grade device that allows you to safely exfoliate away dead skin, dirt and debris. After just one single treatment you will experience softer, smoother and more radiant skin. Sonicsmooth comes with 3 speeds so that you can customize your at-home dermaplaning treatment experience. We recommend that you start on the lowest speed setting your first time and then gradually increase as you become familiar with Sonicsmooth. You are going to love how much better and faster your skincare products start working when you expertly remove the layers of dead skin, debris and peach fuzz that are blocking your products from absorbing properly and provides a better surface in which to apply makeup. Key Features: Suitable for all skin tones and for all skin types, including sensitive skin Removes layers of dead skin, dirt and debris that block your skin care products from absorbing so that they can finally begin working for you, providing instant results Provides a mirror-like smooth palette to apply your makeup on for a flawless- looking finish Will NOT cause hair to grow back thicker, darker, coarser or faster Specifically designed for the more delicate skin on a woman's face Charges wirelessly and provides up to 3 hours of running time before needing a charge Harnesses the skin-smoothing properties of sonic technology and operates at over 15,000 sonic movements per minute with an independent sonic treatment head 3 speed settings so that you can customize your dermaplaning treatment Safe, simple to use, and pain-free Ergonomic handle that fits comfortably in your hand for ease of use and to prevent slipping Includes: Rechargeable Sonicsmooth device handle 8 Single Use Safety Tips (2 month supply) Wireless charging dock with wall plug-in charging cord Sonicsmooth simple quick start guide Pre-Treatment Cleanser (0.8 oz)-Rids the complexion of oil and impurities and preps the skin for Sonicsmooth treatment. Post-Treatment Serum (0.8 oz)-Moisturizes and calms recently treated skin with botanical extracts in a soothing base of 100 percent Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice. Cruelty Free. No artificial dyes, colors, parabens, sulfites, triclosan or phthalates.

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