The Starter Lash Kit


The Starter Lash Kit


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What it is:
A tool kit created for first time lash users or lash lovers that features the essentials for easy lash application, including the bestselling lash set: Momma Knows Best.

What it does:
The The Starter Lash Kit is the perfect tool kit for first time lash wearers. It features a mini lash applicator and mini white latex-free lash adhesive. It also includes the bestselling Momma Knows Best lash set, made on an ultra-thin cotton-thread band for the most comfortable and lightweight wear.

Momma Knows Best are natural volume lashes that are designed to be semi-natural with gradient thickness toward the outer corners.

Mini Too Easy Lash Applicator makes application even easier, featuring a curved lash tweezer on for easy placement and adjustment.

The Mini Velour Lash Adhesive – White is a latex-free formula designed for those with a sensitivity to latex. This brush-on applicator is one of a kind, our brush tip makes application mess-free and gentle on the lashes and your eyes. The ultra-tacky formula means there's no wait time! This adhesive formula is made specifically for luxury lashes and multiple wears, so it is gentle during lash removal and care. This adhesive drives clear.

This set contains:
- Momma Knows Best lash set
- Too Easy Lash Applicator (mini size)
- 0.15 oz/ 4.5 mL Velour Lash Adhesive + White Latex Free (mini size)

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates

What else you need to know:
Velour Silk Lashes spent years designing the perfect lash—with help and feedback from its clients—decided to make some changes to their lash band. Its updated, cotton fiber band is thinner, lighter, and more flexible, making even the most dramatic lash styles feel weightless. The elevated quality and design of the band makes application easy, and ensures the perfect fit.

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