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Ultra HD Concealer


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What it is:
A dark circle corrector and concealer collection for instant under-eye perfection.

What it does:
Instantly hide dark under-eye circles with Ultra HD Concealer’s innovative range of concealers. Only a few drops are needed as a little goes a long way this formula. Featuring an Anti-Dark Circle Complex with Radiance Booster, this concealer support collagen to refresh and awaken the under-eye area. Along with filling and smoothing fine lines, its lightweight formula is infused with Pure Focus Pigments that reflect light to erase shadows, while the hylauronic spheres prevents moisture loss. Available in 14 shades that cover all skintone needs, the Ultra HD Concealer features shades that are also perfect for color correcting. For an instantly flawless complexion, choose from the peach color correcting shades to neutralize dark circles—then, use a concealer shade to brighten the under-eye area. Apply in thin layers for the most natural result—only a small amount is needed.

What else you need to know:
MAKE UP FOR EVER is once again leading the beauty industry into the next era of makeup innovation and technology. As the original pioneer of the HD makeup category, it continues to redefine and elevate beauty standards with the launch of its new Ultra HD Concealer designed for 4k technology. With 4k technology, the next generation of digital devices will display images with unbelievable detail, stunning clarity, and heightened color than existing HD technology. Completely invisible under the latest, ultra-magnified resolution, these innovative formulas look completely natural on camera—and to the naked eye.

Choose from these shades with red and yellow undertones (sold separately):

R20: Light skintones
R22: Light to medium skintones (may also be used to color correct)
R30: Medium skintones
R32: Medium to tan skintones (may also be used to color correct)
R40: Tan skintones (may also be used to color correct)
R49: Tan to dark skintones
R50: Dark skintones (may also be used to color correct)
Y21: Light skintones
Y23: Light to medium skintones
Y31: Medium skintones
Y33: Medium to tan skintones
Y41: Tan skintones
Y51: Dark to deep skintones
Y52: Deep skintones

Beauty tip:
Tilt your head down and look straight into the mirror to see where you need coverage. Apply Ultra HD Concealer directly to the darkest areas. For additional coverage, first apply in a color correcting peach shade to the darkest part of your under-eye circles, followed by a concealer shade.

This product is an Allure Best of Beauty award winner and an Allure Reader’s Choice award winner.

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